Pixie Food & Wine Design by Flack Studio
Private Dining Room | Pixie Food & Wine
Pixie Food & Wine Design by Flack Studio

The Design

Flack Studio

Warm and inviting, Flack Studio’s design pays homage to 1970s Italy with effortless layering of vintage and custom lighting, burnt terracotta flooring broken up by haphazard terrazzo in-lays, and a mastery of clashing colours, textures and finishings.

With nods towards Italian architect-designer Gaetana “GaeAulenti, who often embraced the tension between old and new, the central ziggurat bar made from Russo Nuvola stone, and its burnished stainless-steel overhead, anchors the triangular room, and generates a connection between guests.

Ruched elderberry banquettes complement the MarioBellini Cassina Cab chairs, while the high gloss enamel ceiling in a deep butterscotch and handmade glazed tiles that rear the wall reflect the contents of the restaurant in a symphony of light and movement.

Pixie Food & Wine is a true celebration of the creativity and vibrance of Byron Bay combined with the love of connection we feel when joining one another at the table.