Pixie Aperitivo

Elevate Your Evenings with Pixie Aperitivo: An Authentic Italian Experience

Rooted in the Italian custom of bridging the gap between leisurely long lunches and pre-dinner drinks, Aperitivo time offers a perfect excuse to unwind and indulge in a cocktail – or two! Transport yourself to the sun-kissed shores of the Amalfi Coast or the bustling streets of Bologna with 'Pixie Aperitivo.'

Embrace the Italian Tradition of Aperitivo

Running from 3pm to 6pm, Friday through Sunday, we offer a curated selection of timeless tipples for just $15. Choose from either a Negroni, Spritz, or Margarita, expertly crafted just the way you like them. For those seeking bites to accompany their liquid libations, our seasonal menu of snacks or more substantial options awaits.

Bookings and Walk-ins Welcome

Bookings are available online, but walk-ins are more than welcome. Join us, take a seat, sip slowly, and embrace the time-honored Italian tradition of savoring life's simple pleasures one sip at a time. It's better than a happy hour! It's Pixie Aperitivo! Saluti